4 Things to be excited about!

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4 Things to be excited about!

The fall semester is underway and the students know it!  So what better time than now to celebrate some of the great things we have already seen.  We want to share 4 things that we are excited to see.

#1 - Kick-Off Events

Right as school kicked off, we jumped full swing into action.  We wanted to bring more excitement and community to the students this fall so we planned accordingly.  It started with the Middle School All-Nighter.  With almost 100 middle-schoolers you can bet that it was a crazy and exciting night!  We played dodgeball, ate pizza, watched movies, raced in relays, heard a great message from our high school youth pastor, Griffin, and lots more!

This followed shortly with the High School Harbor Games. This was the a pinnacle event for over 100 high-schoolers.  With the combination of a Color Run and the Amazing Race mixed with the rainy Florida weather this night could not have been more exciting! Teams of 8-10 ran soaked from clue to clue conquering whatever obstacles or challenges laid in their way.

#2 - New Service Times

After the big events were done, it was time to start our new service times and environments.  I can't say how excited we were for the new changes that started this fall.  Along with the start of three services for the church as a whole, Student Motion began to switch things up. Sunday mornings now consist of specified Connect Group time for both middle and high school students.  This gives us a chance to sit together in a service then talk about it as a Connect Group.  It's an incredible chance to get students connected together and involved in this community of believers growing together in relationships with Jesus Christ.

The big change came to our Wednesday night programming.  We kicked off our Student Motion Worship Service.  This is a service specifically geared to the youth of today. Middle-schoolers and High-schoolers gather together in fellowship and worship in an exciting night where amazing things happen.  We started it off with a photo booth, which you can see here: SM-Photo-Booth. We want the students to know that they have a place here at Harborside as well as give the students chances to live out discipleship with their peers.

#3 - Outreach

With all these changes and improvements, we have seen some incredible things happening! For one, we have seen the students so excited about what's going on here that they are not letting their friends miss out.  We have seen a lot of growth where students are bringing in their friends and family.  It's at that point that God shows up and does great things!  Which leads me to my last point, transformed lives!

#4 - Transformed Lives

The most exciting thing of all is when we get to see God at work in the lives of people.  Already this semester we have seen God show up and do such incredible things in students and their families.  We had several students baptized at the Honeymoon Island beach baptisms and a whole family was baptized together in front of the church this past Sunday!  That is what we are all about, leading students into growing and active faith in Jesus Christ!

We can't wait to see all the other great things God is going to do this year and we hope that you are excited about it too!

- Stephen Law

Middle School Youth Pastor