About connect groups



Our Summer session begins May 21, 2017. 
Browse and join our groups by clicking the link below
beginning April 2, 2017.

Go online to browse the various types of Connect Groups offered.
Men, Women, Singles, Young Adults, Couples, Parents and more.

Some on campus, some off. Some in the morning, some in the
evening. Children's programming is available Monday thru
Thursday evening and Wednesday morning for a small fee.  



Once you see a group you'd like to join, simply click the
REGISTER NOW button. If you don't already have a HarborLink
account, see Step Three.

Select the adult(s) that will be attending the Connect Group first.
You'll have the option to select childcare next. 

Children's programming is offered for 8 weeks during the Fall
Session. It is a one-time up front fee to cover all 8 weeks.

For Groups that run longer than 8 weeks, we ask you to make
other arrangements for your children after the 8 week mark.



A HarborLink account is needed to register for a Connect Group.
Once you hit REGISTER NOW, if you don't already have an account
click on the line that says  "Don't have an account? Sign up!"

Just follow the instructions, then -
Check your email to activate your account via the confirmation email. 


Online registration closes on Sunday, May 14.
If you didn't get register for a group, no worries.
Jump In. There is still room for you. 

Browse open groups listed in step #1,
then reach out to the leader using their contact links
in ConnectMe to Jump In. 


Did you want to Lead A Group?

Click Here



We are not alone in our struggles, and we are not meant to overcome them alone either. God made us to need Him, and He loves to work through people. Connect Groups provide an opportunity to spend time with others in your geographic location, stage of life, or similar situations. Everyone grows spiritually at different rates and in different ways. Connect Groups help us follow Jesus one step at a time, in an effort to become more like Him.

Harborside’s Connect Groups are session-long, providing you the chance to CONNECT with God’s people and GROW in God’s Word. With each session, you may join a group, lead a group, try a new kind of group or continue with your previous group. Whatever change flows into your life, we give you the moments to connect. Grow. Together.

Groups meet on campus and off, weekdays and weekends. For every stage of life and spiritual growth, there is a group for you.     

Our Connect Groups are scheduled 8-weeks in three sessions per year:

WINTER  |  January through March
SUMMER  |  Mid-May through Mid-July
FALL  |  September through October


For information about our Care Groups  (for health and healing) check out CARE


"Three things that changed my life: accepting Jesus, getting sober and signing up for Divorce Care."

"This has been an excellent way to connect with other people in our church and continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord."

"I'm new to Florida and the Connect group was an excellent way for me to become acquainted with other women in the church. In my small church up north we had small groups who would gather together to study, pray and fellowship together. This is wonderful. Thank you."

"I have really learned a lot and my Christian faith has grown more with the classes and my Christian friends here at Harborside"

"This was a lovely group of Christian women. I am so thankful for the experience."

"Love the accountability. Love having people (women) to talk to with similar issues and especially love The Lord!!!"

"I really believe that being in a connect group is so helpful in so many ways and enriches my life tremendously."