Four Opportunities for your Family this Christmas Season

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Four Opportunities for your Family this Christmas Season

December is a month full of excitement and opportunities for both students and parents at Student Motion. We know this is a busy season for everyone but we want to bring the fun side of the season to you!  Here are four opportunities we would love for you to take part in this holiday season:

1) Family Movie Night - December 14th

This tradition is fun for the entire family.  From 5 - 8pm at Harborside we will eat and watch a Christmas movie together under the stars.  It is a potluck dinner so please bring a dish to share with everyone.  Drinks and dessert is on us! 

2) Student Christmas Party - December 17th

Wednesday the 17th will be our final Wednesday night of the year and we are going to end with a bang!  It will be full of competitions, fun Christmas worship songs and prizes.  We encourage our students to invite their friends to take part in this celebration.

3) Christmas Caroling - December 24th

We have planned to get the Student Motion family involved in our Christmas Eve services this year so we are inviting you to sign up to be carolers by the doors of Harborside singing to people as they walk through the doors on Christmas Eve.  And don't worry, you are welcomed even if you think you can't sing!  We will also make sure you have a seat ready for you in the service you choose to attend.

4) Christmas Eve Services - December 24th

Harborside offers three services on Christmas Eve which are at 4, 6 & 8pm.  Come and celebrate the birth of Christ with the Harborside family!