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LEAD A GROUP:  July 2 - July 30

If your group registration is received after July 30,
your information will be added as soon as possible,
probably within 2 weeks.

 before filling out the group registration form


Regarding study materials needed for participants (books, workbooks, guides, lessons, etc.)
If your group is not using participant study materials, this message does not apply to you. 

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON:  Amazon is Harborside's #1 choice for the most reliable resource for participant materials. Both delivery time and shipping costs ($0) are guaranteed. 

Other vendors do not always provide timely or guaranteed delivery time, and shipping costs can be exorbitant. 

**For this reason, if your study materials needed for participants are not available on Amazon, Harborside does not guarantee that the materials ordered by participants will be in by the time your group begins.

This does not apply to leader materials (curriculum) in most cases. 

IN PUBLICATION: Before selecting a study, make sure the material is still in publication. If you select a study that has participant study materials that are out of publication, Harborside asks the leader to obtain the necessary materials on your own.

Here is how you can know the difference:

OUT OF PUBLICATION MATERIAL (only via private sellers):
Captivating (out of print)

IN PUBLICATION MATERIAL (available through Amazon):  
Captivating (in print)