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Care Groups
Groups that care about your health, healing and spiritual growth.  Care groups are an entrance point for couples seeking knowledge, information and assistance when dealing with relational crisis.  This is a small group environment that averages between ten and twenty people.  There may be a cost for materials, but there is no cost for services.
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For more information, please contact Sarah Castle:

Couples Helping Couples
Couples in crisis are paired up with experienced couples who offer knowledge through modeling and mentoring.  Experienced couples share how they handled past experiences (successes and failures), teach skills to handle relational crisis and light the way for couples in need.  This is one experienced couple pouring into one couple in crisis.  There may be a cost for materials, but there is no cost for services.
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For more information, please contact Tim Journy:

Coaches act as a guide to couples to bring about change in their relationship.  The coach will encourage couples to take action steps to become the couple they want to be.  Credentialed coaches help couples articulate their future, assess their present and develop an action plan to achieve their goals.  There is a cost for coaching services.
For more information, please contact Diana Journy:

Counselors deal with the more specific issues related to the management of the couple's relationship distress, habits, anxiety, as well as coping with loss and trauma.  The licensed counselor helps the couple identify what changes are needed to improve their quality of life and together they map out a plan; whether as an individual, a couple or family.  There is a cost for the counseling services per session.
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June 7 & 8th
$150 per couple

Childcare available
Infants thru 5th Grade
$10 for the first child and $5 each additional child

Friday night's fun begins at 6:30 and dismisses at 9:30PM
Then, in the morning, come back at 9:30AM 
We'll serve lunch and wrap it up at 5:30PM
All right here, at Harborside Christian Church
(Room 226 upstairs)


As you might already know, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a seminar at Harborside Christian Church called "Building an Intentional Marriage".
I wanted to let you know how much this seminar improved our relationship. 
If I can make one suggestion to every couple, this seminar gives you the opportunity to grow the love you already have for each other. We all get caught up in everyday life and if you are like me.......other things take precedent to come between the time we get to spend together. When we attended the seminar it took us back to those days when we first starting dating (20 years ago next month) and bring us back to that excitement in our relationship.

I know we were skeptical at first not wanting to share any of our "personal relationship" information with other people. You don't do that at all! This seminar offers you time to just grow and appreciate each other and what you have. This is a great gift to your marriage. Treat yourselves!