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Prayer Guide for Harborside's Good Friday Fast

Fasting is refraining from eating food for a spiritual purpose.  The Bible encourages it, combined with prayer, to draw us closer to God and to renew our relationship with Him.

During our Good Friday Fast, we want you to take the day to reflect on the following.  As mentioned on Sunday, we suggest you take a section and pray for it at the times when you would be eating your meals, i.e., Look Back at breakfast time.

We look forward to hearing how God brought you into His presence during this time of prayer and fasting and the breakthroughs that He has allowed you to experience!

Look Back:

•How did I get here?  - A map of my spiritual journey.
•Who are the people that God put in place to foster my spiritual growth?

Look Around:

•What are the most pressing needs in my life?
•"I want to see God move in these ways…"
•Where am I desperate for God?
•What is God’s will for my life regarding health, family and friends?

Look Forward:

•What spiritual blessings are coming my way?
   -I get to eat from the Tree of Life.
   -All my sins are forgiven forever.
   -I get to be with Jesus in the New City.