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What are the groups available for me?
1. College Aged (Ages 18-23)
2. Young Professionals (Ages 23-35)
3. Engaged & Married (Ages 18-35)


What can I expect when I attend?
Real people, not perfect people.  A room-full of potential friendships.  A study or talk to help you grow in your faith.  A social environment of belonging.


What about Sunday morning?
On Sundays many young adults attend the 11:30am service and sit on the right section about 6-10 rows back.  Come and just take a seat, and you will be sure to meet a like-minded, like-aged person.  Stick around after the service to join a group for lunch. We also have a relationship-mentorship class at 10:00am open to anyone ages 18-35.


Does my age really matter?
For appropriate conversations, dating, and life-stages, it is important to keep the College Group 18-23 and the Young Professionals cap age 35.  If you are not quite 18, just wait a few years and enjoy our amazing youth group called Student Motion.  If you are 36+, you are invited to the Singles 35+ Group. 


Do I need to be enrolled in college classes to attend the College Group?
No, as long as you are ages 18-23 you are welcome to attend.


What if I am 18-23 and working in the professional world?
If you are 18-22 and working professionally, you are encouraged to attend the College Group.  If you are 23, you are welcome to choose either the College Group or the Young Professionals Group. For this session, the groups are meeting together, so you won't need to choose!


I am engaged/married and still college-aged. Which group should I attend?
You can choose! We recommend the Engaged & Married Group so you can be with other couples, but you have the freedom to choose.


We have been dating for a long time and know we want to get married.  Can we go ahead and attend the Engaged & Married Group?
Not yet! You are encouraged to stay in the College Group or Young Professionals Group until you are officially engaged, but you are welcome to the Sunday morning class on relationships.  It is open to dating, engaged, and married.  It meets at 10:00am upstairs in room 219 every Sunday.


I have children. Am I welcome?
Yes you are welcome! We provide childcare on specific evenings and registration is required.  We ask that you do not bring your children into the group setting, unless they are babies.  Connect Groups meeting at Harborside Church have childcare available on Mondays and Tuesdays during group time.  Register your children when you register for the group.


How do I register for a group?
You can register at Harborside Church in the lobby or online:
If you're having trouble, email the contacts below (Tim/Joy).


More Questions: Contact Joy Ellcessor or Tim DuBois