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Harborside’s Singles35&UP Ministry offers opportunities for divorce, widowed, or never married singles to connect with Jesus Christ and one another through spiritual growth, outreach, & fellowship. We seek to support Christian singles to live godly and fulfilling lives as they negotiate the personal, professional and societal challenges, and pressures of been singles.


TUESDAYS @ 7pm (Starting January 24th)

Home: Facing Challenges, Finding Hope (Church Curriculum) (8 weeks - Room 226)

     In this series we are going to Face each Challenge and Find the Hope that exists in every Home situation. Let's start with the assumption that Home is not perfect, that Home may not always feel like Home to you and let's start with the truth that you are in good company.

Men's Care: Spiritual Development - The End of Me (MEN ONLY) (8 weeks - Room 216 )

     Have you ever come to the end of yourself? Maybe it was the day when your life changed forever. Your house was foreclosed, your spouse is having an affair, you only had months to live. In that moment all your plans, dreams and ambitions came crashing to a halt. And you discover that all you have left is Jesus. We will focus on a different paradoxical teaching of Christ and real-life examples of  people who have lived the upside-down life that Jesus describes.

Women's Care: Spiritual/Emotional Development - Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely (WOMEN ONLY) (8 weeks - Room 219)

     Rejection often finds its way into our hearts at an early age. Maybe you were teased mercilessly, or you received an injury and couldn't play the sport you loved, or an adult who should have cared for you left without explanation. These wounds dig deep into our sense of self and can resurface as an adult. In this study you will be given concrete truths to combat the lies our old Enemy hurls our way. Even when you are overlooked by others, you are handpicked by God. You will also learn to adopt healthy ways to process your hurt.

Divorce Care - A divorce recovery support group where you can find help and healing (13 weeks - Room 220)

     This is a divorce recovery group where you can find help and healing. This class covers topics essential to your recovery from the hurt of separation and divorce. 


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